Fundraising February and Rockin’ out March

09 Apr


The months of February and March have focused mainly on fundraising for our extreme summer retreat.  The Sunday before Valentine’s Day, we planned a spaghetti dinner at the church.  We decided to serve salad, spaghetti, bread, and desserts.  Mary Asbury decorated the tables and supplied the room with a nice ambiance for everyone to enjoy.  We had people come in, grab a drink, and have a seat.  Then the teens waited on tables and served everyone their food.  We had several fun games lined up to entertain the guests.  We did a mock version of “The Dating Game.”  Cristal was our bachorlette, while Heath, Thorne, and Brad were the bachelors.  The guys tried to disguise their voices, but by their answers it was pretty obvious who said what.  It was good for a few laughs though.  We also played “The Newleywed Game.”  We had three couples come up and answer questions about their spouse.  Of course, we had to choose the pastor and his wife as one of the couples.  This game ended up providing more than enough laughs to keep everyone entertained.   The teens, parents, and volunteers did a fabulous job setting up this fundraiser from beginning to end.  We were thankful and surprised of the generosity of those who donated.

                We did get a nice snowfall for President’s Day.  So several of the teens gathered together and went sleigh riding and snowboarding.  I think a few of them tried to do some extreme tricks on the sleds and snowboards, judging by some of their pictures.  So, two ways were added to our list. 

                The first Sunday of March, we organized another fundraiser.  We held a Rock a thon at the church.  We didn’t go all night; we set it for a four hour time period.  Everyone was asked to get sponsors to donate per hour or a set amount.  During this time we rocked while we did worship.  Whitney brought her guitar and sang, Heath played the bongos, and everyone else joined in.  We also shared our testimonies with each other, prayed, and played some games.  Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and we raised a good amount of money.

                One Saturday toward the end of March, we decided to go roller skating.  How could I not put that on our list of ways?  Some of the youth hadn’t skated in a while, so it took some time to redevelop skate legs, along with some nice falls. 

                God is showing me so much through leading this group.  I see great teamwork among the kids, devotion, determination and willingness to serve.  Who knows what will happen next.

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