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The Wallflower

A silhouette in the corner.

A shadow on the wall.

She can’t help but wonder

Is she noticed at all?


Gray outlines descend onto the floor,

while spotlights gather center stage.

He whispers, “It is you I adore.”

For he has seen her life scripted on every page.


He asks her for a dance.

Then everyone else observes

the girl they disregarded with a glance

Is the one His attention deserves. 



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Dancing Snowflakes

Snowflakes softly land on the leftover snow from the previous storm,

It covers it with a new blanket that is soft and pure.

My thoughts drift like the snow as I sip my coffee.

Winter days stir the distantness of old storms that have passed.

Yet the warmth of new blankets reminds you that you are sheltered and those things that no longer matter. 

Just breathe in the moment and savor the flavor of freshness.

Feel the soft touch and tender kisses of revitalization tap dance on your face.

Spring is coming!


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A Bad Case of the Mondays

I’m having a blah kind of day. Business is slow, figures look scary and it’s hard to see past the obvious. I normally try to look at the positive end and today I just can’t break through the quicksand. I feel like I’m sinking today. Anyway I just thought I’d post an old poem I came across, I know that doesn’t help my mood but it’s a bad case of the Mondays.

Are these just words to fill the void on this paper?

Something to keep between the margins.

Ink to color a page.

The words leak from my pen pumped by my heart,

Sometimes followed by tears

That smear the words.

Are these just verbs, nouns, and adjectives arranged in a suitable line?

Do they really mean anything to you or I?

Right now these words are empty just like my heart.


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