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Perfect Timepiece

God, you know the beginning and the end.
You designed the blueprint, you sketched the outline.
You placed within each of us a unique model in appearance and our innermost soul.

God knows our timeline.
He lets us decide how to spend it.
Quieten my soul to trust that Your hands control the clock, not I.
Let me hear every second
and react within the minute.

We don’t see God’s planner
Or the events that are to come.
But, they are on His calendar.
Do we choose to show up when He calls?

Will I just watch the sand disappear in the hourglass?
Will I be in the shadow of the sundial?
Position me in the right coordinates of Your GPS,
So that I meet who I’m supposed to and do what You want me to do.
I want to balance on Your pendulum.
Be on Your watch
In your perfect time.


Posted by on March 11, 2013 in Poetry, Writing


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