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Five minute Friday First

She sat next to him on the bus.  He looked so lost and lonely.  She had noticed him for weeks, but didn’t know how to approach him.  He coughed softly into his sleeve and she whispered, “Bless you.”  He turned and nodded, his wrinkled eyes smiled at the kind gesture.  She was on her way to work again and hated riding the bus, but her car was repossessed a few weeks ago.  She felt a tug on her heart as she looked down at his shoes.  His shoes were tattered and worn.  It was almost time for her stop, she couldn’t not do it.  She reached into her pocket, pulled out a twenty as the bus stopped.  “Here you go, sir.  Have a nice day.”  He looked down at the paper bill she placed in his hand with teary eyes.  “Thanks,” he simply said, choked up.  She smiled, waved and walked down the aisle to start her workday.

Five Minute Friday


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Exchanging Seasons

Although some hints of Summer remain,

Autumn awaits, ready for the exchange.

The seasons pass like changing of the guards,

They nod in acceptance, giving each other the highest regard.

The smell of fresh cut grass is replaced by the aroma of falling leaves

As they dance in the breeze beneath the trees.

Children walk briskly to and from the bus stop.

Farmers evaluate their latest crop.


While lost souls linger in the dark

They wait to hear others remark.

The cycle of life and death go hand in hand,

We reap the benefit of the harvest upon the land.

Some settle inside the coziness of their home

And others pass along the sidewalk to roam.

They smell the goodness of stews and pies.

Their stomach makes inquisitive cries.

As the warm passes the cold will it ignite a fire?

The cold wants warmth, it is their utmost desire.

Will the warm stay snuggled in their bed?

Or will they notice and share their bread?


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