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Danger in disguise


Dreams always intrigue me.  Sometimes they are just nonsense, but other times I think they have hidden meanings.  For the most part, I don’t remember dreams, but occasionally a dream will stand out, wake me up and make me think about what it meant.  Early this morning I awoke from a dream.  It bothered me and I told my husband about it.  I didn’t understand the meaning of it, but while I was at church, I felt like God revealed to me what it meant. 

I was out walking with my son; the sun was shining and bright.  We started walking by a rocky hillside.  He started veering off the path and walked clumsily on the rocky bankI told him to come back on the path and stay off the hillside.  He ignored me and started going further up the bank.  I was getting aggravated with him and started to tell him to get back down when I noticed something camouflaged and moving.  I quickly asked him to come down the bank that there was something up there.  I suddenly noticed what it was and yelled, “It’s a snake, come back down slowly away from it.”  Instead he walked further up the bank and the snake slithered toward him.  I yelled back, “Get away now.”  Instead of running, he turned around picked up the snake by the head, like he was a pro.  The snakes’ mouth opened wide and he struggled holding the snake, it was long and stronger than he thought.  In the struggle, his hand loosened enough where the snake struck and bit him on the forehead.  He dropped the snake and it slithered away as I ran and grabbed him.  My son is twelve years old, once the snake bit him and I ran to him he transformed to about the age of six.  I picked him up and carried him to a bench; I cradled him in my arms and evaluated the bite.  I was starting to panic when someone came to me with a book.  It was a picture book of snakes.  They asked me to point out what the snake looked like.  I opened the book and immediately saw the snake I thought it was.  I pointed to it and said this one.  It was a non-venomous snake.   The person shook their head and said, “No, it wasn’t that.  It was a rattlesnake.  There are slight differences.”  Meanwhile, I look at my son and he’s very pale and shaking.  The person who showed me the book said, “I’m a doctor.  Keep him calm.  I’m going to go get the anti-venom.”  I drew my son close to my chest cried and told him that I loved him and not to worry the doctor was getting medicine for him.”  Then I woke up.


What God told me later about this dream is that sometimes when we are teaching someone and trying to keep them on the path that God wants them to be on they may stumble.  You try and encourage them to get back on the path and they decide not to take your advice.  Then you see them about to get hurt, while they don’t even notice that danger is at their heel.  You warn them but they decide to take matters into their own hands.  When this happens they get hurt.  How you react to it determines what will happen with them.  If they are hurt and have done something stupid, you can yell at them and tell them that it was dumb for them to do that or you can pick them up and dress their wounds.  When you start looking at the wounds, you can see how much damage is done.  The person that came in with the book and asked you to point out the snake was a doctor.  You thought you knew exactly which snake it was or what the cause is to their wound.  But, the doctor corrects you and shows you its more serious than you think.  He asks you to take care of him while he gets the medicine.  The doctor is God, the only true healer.  My job was to keep him calm and love on him while God got the antidote. 

In the dream, I was getting upset because my son wasn’t listening.  When he got hurt, I could’ve kept kicking him while he was down by hurling harsh words at him but instead because I loved him greatly, I pulled him away from the situation and loved him.  I am a youth leader, so this spoke to me a lot.  I can deal with kids two different ways when they mess up.  How I deal with them can determine whether I get them to the doctor in enough time to be healed.  The bottom line is to show grace and love, it’s the quickest way for them to see the great physician. 

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