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Electronic Hoarding Begins

I have a confession to make.
I’m a hoarder of musings, writings, thoughts, cards, letters or anything
that contains words.  Most of my
collection are my own private journals, poems, stories, and attempted
writings.  I have boxes of such things in the attic, stuffed in drawers, or piled upon the computer desk.  Why I have kept all of this stuff, I do not
know. With the cards, letters and journals it’s simply for sentimental reasons.
I’ve only shared these things with a
few people in my life.  But, the majority
has been read only by me as I write them or reread them.

I believe my husband has inadvertently
introduced me to the world of blogging so that this paper collection of mine
will start to cease.  What better
solution for a writing hoarder than to introduce publishing her random thoughts
to a vast audience who may or may not see what she has to say.  That way everything is out of sight, out of
mind….yet still accessible.  It’s not as
if I haven’t stored writings on the computer in the past.  My document file is pretty full, but to tell
the truth anytime I’ve saved anything on the computer, I’ve printed out a copy
as well.  Maybe it’s my distrust in
technology for storing my personal data.
You never know when the hard drive will decide to bite the dust.

Yes, I know blogging has been around
for a pretty good while.  Just ask my
husband and he’ll tell you I’m overly cautious about trying out anything new
when it comes to technology.  In the same
breath, he will also tell you that once I do try it out I fall in love with
it.  Take for instance when the Kindle
first came out.  He, being a tech guru,
tells me how much I would love this gadget.
That it is something that I would definitely want.  I snarled up my nose and insisted that
holding an actual book could never be replaced by some thin electronic
gadget.  It just wouldn’t have the same
kind of feel and I wasn’t interested at all.
Needless to say, he couldn’t help himself.  He knew without a doubt that I would fall in
love with Kindle.  So, a few years back
when Kindle was brand new, he ordered one for me for Christmas.  I didn’t get it that Christmas because it was
on backorder.  Of course, he didn’t tell
me I was getting one anyway because I didn’t ask for it.  My birthday is in April.  I think he finally received the Kindle the
end of February or first of March.  So,
he waited until my birthday to give it to me.
I opened the present and put on a fake grin when I saw what it was.  This was going to replace my books sitting in
bookshelves?  I pulled out the gadget and
when I did, I saw cords.  Cords used to
make me uneasy.  I plug that where and to
what?  I questioned him on what if I ran
out of space, or if the book I ordered got lost, and how big of a learning
curve is this gadget?  He knows my patience
with learning anything new, I have none.
He turned it on for me and showed me how to purchase books in the
store.  Needless to say, he was right; I
fell in love with it and wouldn’t even think about parting from it now.

So now this paper trail I have
created all of my life will slowly creep onto the internet saving space in my
home but polluting the rest of the internet.
You can thank my husband for that!

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