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Leftover Thoughts after Vacation


When I explore new places, I see so much beauty in the Earth that God created.  When I am still and submerge myself in these natural surroundings, I cannot help but be in awe of the subtle differences in landscapes and waterways.  I have always found peace in quieting myself and wondering about our creative Father ever since I was a child and ventured into the woods or the farm I lived by.  This world is beautiful underneath all the ugliness that man has created by his own fleshly nature.  My quiet place is anywhere that I can be still and notice the clear brooks, green hills, or feel the soil between my toes…..soil.  Just thinking of that alone, the gritty odor of soil and the way that it shifts and molds under my feet, whether it’s sand, clay, or peat.   The feeling of coolness from shaded soil or the hot sand that you quickly walk on that is exposed by the blazing sun.  How God took something filthy and created humans to have relationships with.  Yes, by our very nature we are dirty, yet God sees each of us sprouting, growing, and blooming to the potential He created us with individually.  Distinctive differences on numerous levels, each with different markings, characteristics and traits, yet similar enough to know that our origin is dirt.  Only God can take something so grimy and shape it into something pleasing and necessary to its environment.


When I sit on the ground, whether it’s a mountaintop overlooking a valley or on a beach with my feet in the sand, I want to remain there forever.  My soul is quiet and I feel God’s presence around me.  Remain….that’s a word that I don’t think of often, but to remain means several things, look it up in the dictionary and think about each meaning. Synonyms of remain are abide, stay, wait, tarry, rest, or endure.  That word also makes me think of this scripture “Remain in me, and I will remain in you. For a branch cannot produce fruit if it is severed from the vine, and you cannot be fruitful unless you remain in me.” John 15:4.  My filthy self, needs to remain in Christ if I want to be productive and fruitful….if I want to live to the fullest potential of what I was created for.  I can’t do that on my own, severed from Christ.  I’ve tried before and it doesn’t work, I wither and become dry dust without Christ. Ashes to ashes, we all fall down.    abide

I wonder, as I view turquoise skies, emerald seas, and chocolate mountains, how much greater the eternal kingdom will be with a remaining known presence of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  I used to be scared of thinking about life outside of this world, but when you remain in Him, it’s a paradise we cannot truly fathom.  It has to be a stillness we’ve never even come close to feeling even on our highest moments on Earth.  A place where time doesn’t matter, harmonies float in the air like the wind, and worries are non-existent.  Paradise….if I remember the vine and stay attached to it.

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Ode to My Creator

viewfromspruceknobOh how beautiful our Earth is.

Oceans, rivers, springs and streams dress it with blue ripples.

The waters calm my soul when I gaze over those endless bodies.

God splashed the shades of blue onto His canvas of Earth to delight mankind with the soft touches of cool refreshment.

The rains of the Earth remind me that God’s love washes over me continuously.

When storms dance on the waters and cause my heart to fear, He whispers in the wind and I remember that He’s with me and that the storms won’t last forever.

God constructed the mountains, hills, and crags with great views of boundless land filled with vegetation and animals.

I am at awe when I stand at the top and feel the breeze move through my soul.

The climb is never simple, you wonder if you will ever reach the summit.

I peek over the edge and look at the walk that God encouraged me to continue.

The reward is great with perseverance.

Some days and nights, I lay on the cool Earth in great wonder of my God, the creator.

God fills the skies with various brushes of clouds in the day.

Sometimes the clouds are thick and heavy with little light passing through.

Other times the clouds are soft splotches with bright light bouncing onto the earth.

While at night, He sprinkles the sky with stars to dance in the moonlight.

Oh how majestic our Creator is.



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Exposing Beauty

Adjusting the focus through the eye of his lens
He captures beauty of God’s creation.
The Earth poses silently as the sun rises
Awakening a new day,
A day of new possibilities,
A day of discovering something that was unseen before.
He takes a deep breath before pressing the button
A beautiful image he doesn’t want to miss.
Snap…… perfect exposure.

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Be Still and Know


Escaping out of the hot house, I listen to the noises of the night and watch a spider intricately spin it’s web.  The evening air cools my sticky skin, while the vast orchestra of crickets soothes my mind with a slow dance.  Lightning bugs lift like lanterns in a dusky atmosphere.  Birds wings flutter as they nestle in their nests, singing to themselves a quick lullaby.  The street light reflects on the silent cars that have finally parked after daily errands. 

The spider is on night shift, I sigh in relief, knowing that my day is done.  Stillness is necessary in rest.  I drown out stillness too much with entertainment.  Constant noise arrests my thoughts because it doesn’t want me to be still.  The spider sits for a moment waiting for something to get caught in his web.  Then he softly cascades downward with another line of thread to cover a larger area.  God captures my attention when outside interference is removed.  Stillness hushes the worries of the day with promise of a new day approaching.  God doesn’t have to yell as loud at me when everything is turned off and I am tuned in. 





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Storm Brewing


The trees sway to the music of the wind.

The rain falls in sheets

upon the soft green earth.

Pitter, patter…….


The sky grumbles.

A heavy shower slides off the rooftops

while lightning dances in the atmosphere.

Mist kisses my face as I stand on the porch

listening to the symphony of the storm.

I wonder how long it will last.

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My family went biking this past weekend. We had my niece with us. We biked to Chestnut Creek Falls. I love waterfalls and wanted to see them and get into the water as well. I am a water and nature fanatic, so anytime I get to see an area I haven’t explored, I get very excited. Water has always calmed my spirit as well. In front of the falls, I noticed the water looked pretty deep. So, we kept a little distance from them because both my son and my niece, cannot swim. My patient husband stayed at the shoreline taking pictures. He had on jeans and really isn’t as enthused over the water as me. He knows how much I enjoy it though and always gives me room to explore the environment. I wasn’t satisfied with standing 10 feet in front of the falls. So, I decided to go around the side of the falls and find a way to the top, to get a better view. My son and my neice were a little curious too, so they followed me. I waded waist deep to the corner of the rock. I told the kids to stay put while I checked out the climb and made sure it was going to be safe. I climbed to the area I could cross. Water rushed between a crevice and the rocks were slippery were you had to cross. I stepped carefully over the 2 ft crevice. I climbed a little further until I was on top of the waterfall. I wanted to explore more, but knew the kids were waiting for me. So, I turned back around, climbed back down, and crossed the crevice. I told them I didn’t think it was safe for them to cross the crevice. Warren wanted to see the view, so I told them ok, but you have to be careful crossing and make sure you have your footing. We’ll do it one at a time. My son stood at the crossing and with me ahead of him. I tried to instruct him exactly how to do it, but he stepped quicker than he should. He missed the other rock and his foot went into the crevice, quickly sweeping the rest of him into the fall. I quickly reached my hand out to him, grasping his left arm. The water pulled him and I had no choice but to jump into the crevice and hold on to him. The water gushed over his face and I saw he was panicking. He had his other arm braced on the side of the rock and I pulled it away so that we could let the water carry us to the bottom.
Last night when I went to bed, I replayed the incident in my head. I then felt like God was showing me that was a picture of Him with someone who lost their footing or stepped a little too quickly. It was picture of rescue, God’s grace, and mercy. God doesn’t want us to drown when we mess up. He doesn’t look down on us, shaking his head, watching us about drown in our mistakes. He simply gets down in the crevice with us, holds on to us, lets us know that it’s going to be all right, even if we feel scared and like our life is coming to an end. He rides it out with us and in the end doesn’t remind us of our mistake but celebrates the fact that we rode that wave out.

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