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Benevolence and Malevolence

The brothers with opposing views

Have always made the headline news.

One seeks to do goodwill

While the other is captivated by evil.

One lends a helping hand

The other delights in extinguishing God’s plan.

The compassionate soul seeks the downtrodden

While Mr. Vicious wants them forgotten.

He feeds himself with gluttonous portions,

As his brother nourishes the orphans.

Both are led by forces within

One by God, the other by skin.

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Paradise Lost?

Fruit Juice Dripping from Woman's HandParadise is available to all, but many are decieved and kept from it.  In the Garden of Eden, Satan appeared to Eve with the greatest tool of all that still keeps man from paradise; deception.  Satan enticed Eve with the desire of knowing all and promising that this one little action would not cause death.  In turn, a bite of this fruit that dripped at first with pleasure quickly caused the sour taste of sin to come into existence.  Man was then thrown out of Paradise.

Satan hasn’t changed in his plan, he wants to rob you, me, and others of paradise.  He entices mankind with promises of greatness, knowledge, and pleasure.  We become fooled into believing that this life is the only one we should be concerned with.  We question God and discount His existence.  We get trapped into this web of deciet and wonder why we keep searching for paradise.  We wonder why we feel so empty, even with the “best things in life.”  This is a cheap trade for an eternal richness, everlasting life.

Jesus came to give us abundant life.  John 10:10 says,”The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.”  Does this mean that Christians will have the best car, biggest house, and fullest bank account? No, this life is temporary.  The eternal life is where abundance is….where paradise is.  We are just passing through this life to get there.  Don’t loose paradise because there will be Hell to pay and that’s what Satan wants.

“A dying man asked a dying man for eternal life; a man without possessions asked a poor man for a Kingdom; a thief at the door of death asked to die like a thief and steal Paradise. One would have thought a saint would have been the first soul purchased over the counter of Calvary by the red coins of Redemption, but in the Divine plan it was a thief who was the escort of the King of kings into Paradise. If Our Lord had come merely as a teacher, the thief would never have asked for forgiveness. But since the thief’s request touched the reason of His coming to earth, namely, to save souls, the thief heard the immediate answer:

‘I promise thee, this day thou shalt be With Me in Paradise’ (Luke 23:43)

It was the thief’s last prayer, perhaps even his first. He knocked once, sought once, asked once, dared everything, and found everything. When even the disciples were doubting and only one was present at the Cross, the thief owned and acknowledged Him as Saviour.” ― Fulton J. Sheen, Life of Christ


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What are you afraid of?

With today being Halloween, the thoughts of what are you afraid
of pops into my mind.  If I was asked
that question my first response would be that I’m afraid of heights.  I like the idea of being on top of the world,
but the higher I climb the tighter my chest becomes and panic starts to set
in.  I don’t like fear gripping me like
that, especially when I want to try many things that involve heights.  So, I slowly push myself to get closer to the
edge.  I take a deep breath, quick look,
and then move back to where I feel I’m safe from falling.

After I think further into what I’m fearful of, I realize
that a greater fear is the ones that attack my mind and keep me
immobilized.  I’m fearful of failure, not
living up to what’s expected of me, or fear of what others might think of
me.  Having fear grip you like this,
keeps you from moving into experiences that were meant for you.

The definition of fear is an emotion experienced in
anticipation of some specific pain or danger (usually accompanied by a desire
to flee or fight).  So, how do you
typically react to fear?  Are you paralyzed
by it? Run from it? Or stand firm and fight it?
Where does the fear come from?
How do overcome fear?  With my
beliefs, I believe fear comes from Satan. He deceives us by making us see
something that isn’t really there or by having us occupy our fears to where we
don’t want to move away from them.  Deep
down I know that God wants me to fight the fear, because he is beside me and
wants me to conquer it.  We can conquer
fear with confidence knowing that God is beside us the whole time.

This morning I decided to watch the old classic movie The
Wolf Man (1941).  I’m not a big fan of
current horror movies, because they are filled with more gore than actual
substance.  And I know the classics are a
bit cheesy but often have a lot to say.
One of my favorite quotes in this movie is when Doctor Lloyd says “I
believe a man lost in the mazes of his own mind may imagine that he’s anything.”  Isn’t that what fear does to us?  It makes us imagine things as truth when it’s actually not.  It makes us see ourselves
as weak and helpless.  God tells us
throughout the Bible to not be afraid.  “For
I am the Lord, you’re God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, do
not fear, I will help you. (Isaiah 41:13) So, instead of getting lost in the
mazes of your mind and imagining you are weak, remember you are actually strong
because the Lord is beside you.


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